Award Recommendations

Updated 19 January 2004

These recommendations for speculative fiction awards are based strictly on calendar year of publication. Unlike the last couple of years for the Hugo Awards, there is no additional eligibility for works that do not have a US edition; only first English-language publication matters. Although that extension is intended to "equalize" eligibility for awards, since the US population of fen is so much larger than that in the rest of the English-speaking world, it ignores one critical factor: The majority of fen are not reading for literary quality in the first place. In any event, five is not a magic number here; sometimes I recommend more as worthy, sometimes fewer. Within each category, works are listed alphabetically by author.

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Author Recommended Work Published
Novel (>40k)
Greg Bear Darwin's Children Del Rey
Angélica Gorodischer Kalpa Imperial Small Beer Press
Terry McGarry The Binder's Road Tor
Gregory Maguire Mirror Mirror HarperCollins
Elizabeth Moon The Speed of Dark Tor
Dan Simmons Ilium Eos
Kristine Smith Contact Imminent Eos
Other Books
Michael Bishop Brighten to Incandescence: 17 Stories Golden Gryphon
Nancy Kress, ed. Nebula Awards Showcase 2003 Roc
Ursula K. Le Guin Changing Planes Harcourt
Gary Turner & Marty Halpern, eds. The Silver Gryphon Golden Gryphon
Novella (17.5–40k)
Lucius Shepard Jailwise SciFiction (Jun)
Novelette (7.5–17.5k)
Octavia E. Butler The Book of Martha SciFiction (21 May)
John Morressy The Artificer's Tale F&SF (Oct/Nov)
Gary W. Shockley The Lightning Bug Wars F&SF (Apr)
Short Story (<7.5k)
Ursula K. Le Guin Seasons of the Ansarac F&SF (Feb)
Kit Reed Incursions F&SF (May)
Lucius Shepard A Walk in the Garden SciFiction (20 Aug)
Gene Wolfe Castaway SciFiction (05 Feb)
Gene Wolfe Hunter Lake F&SF (Oct)
Film and TV
The Return of the King
New Pro Author

Author Recommended Work Published
Novel (>40k)
Jonathan Carroll White Apples Tor
Naomi Kritzer Fires of the Faithful and Turning the Storm Bantam Spectra
Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman The Fall of Kings Bantam Spectra
Sean McMullen Voyage of the Shadowmoon Tor
China Miéville The Scar Del Rey
Kim Stanley Robinson The Years of Rice and Salt Bantam Spectra
Sean Russell The Isle of Battle Eos
Allen Steele Coyote Ace
Other Books
Kage Baker Black Projects, White Knights: The Company Dossiers Golden Gryphon
Ted Chiang Stories of Your Life and Others Tor
Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds. The Green Man: Tales From the Mythic Forest Viking
Jeffrey Ford The Fantasy Writer's Assistant and Other Stories Golden Gryphon
Ursula K. Le Guin The Birthday of the World and Other Stories Harcourt
Novella (17.5–40k)
Charles Coleman Finlay The Political Officer F&SF (Apr.)
Elizabeth Hand The Least Trumps Conjunctions 39
Ursula K. Le Guin Paradises Lost The Birthday of the World and Other Stories
Novelette (7.5–17.5k)
A.S. Byatt The Thing in the Forest New Yorker (03 Jun.)
Midori Snyder Charlie's Away The Green Man: Tales From the Mythic Forest
Ian Watson A Free Man The Third Alternative (Spring)
Short Story (<7.5k)
Jeffrey Ford Creation F&SF (May)
Neil Gaiman October in the Chair Conjunctions 39
Theodora Goss The Rose in Twelve Petals Realms of Fantasy (Apr.)
James Patrick Kelly Candy Art Asimov's (Dec.)
Gregory Maguire Fee, Fie, Foe, et Cetera The Green Man: Tales From the Mythic Forest
Patricia A. McKillip Hunter's Moon The Green Man: Tales From the Mythic Forest
Gene Wolfe The Waif F&SF (Jan.)
Film and TV
The Two Towers
New Pro Author
Charles Coleman Finlay

Author Recommended Work Published
Novel (>40k)
Jonathan Carroll The Wooden Sea Tor
Neil Gaiman American Gods Morrow
Ursula K. Le Guin The Other Wind Harcourt
Terry McGarry Illumination Tor
Sean McMullen Eyes of the Calculor Tor
Kristine Smith Law of Survival Ace
Ken Wharton Divine Intervention Ace
Connie Willis Passage Bantam
Gene Wolfe Return to the Whorl Tor
Other Books
Karen Haber, ed. Meditations on Middle-Earth St. Martin's
Patrick Nielsen Hayden, ed. Starlight 3 Tor
Ursula K. Le Guin Tales From Earthsea Harcourt
Al Sarrantonio, ed. Redshift Roc
Novella (17.5–40k)
Elizabeth Hand Cleopatra in Brimstone Redshift
Ursula K. Le Guin The Finder Tales From Earthsea
Kate Wilhelm Yesterday's Tomorrows F&SF (Sep.)
Gene Wolfe Viewpoint Redshift
Novelette (7.5–17.5k)
Richard Calder Roach Motel Interzone (Apr.)
Ted Chiang Hell Is the Absence of God Starlight 3
Ursula K. Le Guin On the High Marsh Tales From Earthsea
Richard Russo The Dread and Fear of Kings SciFiction (24 Oct.)
Short Story (<7.5k)
Harlan Ellison Incognita, Inc. Hemispheres (Jan.);
Realms of Fantasy (Aug.)
Maureen F. McHugh Interview: On Any Given Day Starlight 3
Gene Wolfe In Glory Like Their Star F&SF (Oct.–Nov.)
Film and TV
Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, The Fellowship of the Ring
New Pro Author
Ken Wharton


Author Recommended Work Published
Novel (>40k)
Brenda Clough Doors of Life and Death Tor
Ursula K. Le Guin The Telling Harcourt
George R.R. Martin A Storm of Swords Bantam
Richard Powers Plowing the Dark FS&G
Philip Pullman The Amber Spyglass Knopf
Gene Wolfe In Green's Jungles Tor
Other Books
Michael Bishop Blue Kansas Sky Golden Gryphon
Ellen Datlow, ed. Vanishing Acts Tor
—, & Terri Windling, eds. Black Heart, Ivory Bones Eos
Gardner Dozois, ed. Year's Best Science Fiction (17th Ed.) St. Martin's
Daniel Keyes Algernon, Charlie, and I Challcrest Press
Tom Shippey J.R.R. Tolkien: Author of the Century HarperCollins UK
Jane Yolen Sister Emily's Lightship and Other Stories Tor
Novella (17.5–40k)
Stephen Baxter Reality Dust PS Publishing
Michael Bishop Blue Kansas Sky Blue Kansas Sky
Elizabeth Hand Chip Crockett's Christmas Carol SciFiction (Dec)
Novelette (7.5–17.5k)
Keith Brooke Liberty Spin Interzone (Aug)
Ursula K. Le Guin The Birthday of the World F&SF (Jun)
James Morrow Auspicious Eggs F&SF (Oct-Nov)
Brian Stableford Tenebrio Vanishing Acts
Short Story (<7.5k)
Michael Bishop How Beautiful With Banners Century 6
Ursula K. Le Guin The Flyers of Gy SciFiction (Nov)
Sean McMullen Colours of the Soul Interzone (Feb)
Charles Stross Antibodies Interzone (Jul)
Film and TV
New Pro Author
Mindy Klasky, Naomi Kritzer, Jo Walton

Author Recommended Work Published
Novel (>40k)
Greg Bear Darwin's Radio Del Rey
Orson Scott Card Enchantment Del Rey
Lisa Goldstein Dark Cities Underground Tor
Sean McMullen Souls in the Great Machine Tor
James Morrow The Eternal Footman Harcourt
J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Bloomsbury
Kristine Smith Code of Conduct Eos
Victoria Strauss Garden of the Stone Eos
Vernor Vinge A Deepness in the Sky Tor
Other Books
Gardner Dozois, ed. Year's Best Science Fiction (16th ed.) St. Martin's
Robert Silverberg, ed. Far Horizons HarperCollins
Novella (17.5–40k)
Kage Baker Son Observe the Time Asimov's (May)
Ursula K. Le Guin Old Music and the Slave Woman Far Horizons
Allen Steele The Exile of Evening Star Asimov's (Jan)
Connie Willis The Winds of Marble Arch Asimov's (Oct-Nov)
Novelette (7.5–17.5k)
Eleanor Arneson Stellar Harvest Asimov's (May)
Stephen Baxter Huddle F&SF (May)
Esther Friesner How to Make Unicorn Pie F&SF (Jan)
James Patrick Kelly 1016 to 1 Asimov's (Jun)
Ursula K. Le Guin Darkrose and Diamond F&SF (Oct-Nov)
Ian R. MacLeod The Chop Girl Asimov's (Dec)
Short Story (<7.5k)
Nick DiChario Sarajevo
Jonathan Carroll Fish in a Barrel F&SF (Oct-Nov)
Michael Swanwick Ancient Engines Asimov's (Feb)
Film and TV
Being John Malkovich, Galaxy Quest, The Iron Giant
New Pro Author
Thomas Harlan, Kristine Smith

Author Recommended Work Published
Novel (>40k)
Patricia Anthony Flanders Ace
Octavia Butler Parable of the Talents Seven Stories
Charles de Lint Someplace to Be Flying Tor
George R.R. Martin A Clash of Kings Voyager
Mary Doria Russell Children of God Villard
Robert Charles Wilson Darwinia Tor
Other Books
Jorge Luis Borges Collected Fictions Viking
Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds. Year's Best Fantasy & Horror (11th ed.) St. Martin's
Gardner Dozois, ed. Year's Best Science Fiction (15th ed.) St. Martin's
Karen Joy Fowler Black Glass Holt
Patrick Neilsen Hayden, ed. Starlight 2 Tor
Novella (17.5–40k)
Ted Chiang Story of Your Life Starlight 2
Greg Egan Oceanic Asimov's (Aug)
Ursula K. Le Guin Dragonfly Legends
Novelette (7.5–17.5k)
Esther Friesner Brown Dust Starlight 2
Bruce Sterling Taklamakan Asimov's (Oct-Nov)
Jane Yolen Lost Girls Realms of Fantasy (Feb)
Short Story (<7.5k)
Stephen Dedman Amendment SF Age (Sep)
Thomas M. Disch The First Annual Performance Arts Festival at the Slaughter Rock Battlefield Interzone (May)
Nancy Kress Steamship Soldier on the Information Front Asimov's (Apr)
Kelly Link The Specialist's Hat Event Horizon (Dec)
Bruce Holland Rogers Thirteen Ways to Water Black Cats and Broken Mirrors
Norman Spinrad The Year of the Mouse Asimov's (Apr)
Michael Swanwick The Very Pulse of the Machine Asimov's (Feb)
Film and TV
Fuhgeddaboutit ("no award")
New Pro Author
Nalo Hopkinson
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