A Short, Incomplete Bibliography

The following links to some of my published materials should be "live." Some are off-site links; some are not. I've given up on scanning in my older works, as there is still litigation ongoing concerning my right to do so.
Last Update: 17 April 2001

On the Web

You can often find me pontificating on The Rumor Mill, particularly in Ask Jarndyce and the various literary scam topics collected under "Caveat Scrivener."

A number of my articles and comments on legal issues for writers have been published in Speculations itself. These have included a piece on fair use in issue 27, a piece on internet piracy in issue 30, and an interview of Mary Doria Russell in issue 39.

I also contributed ten articles to Jackhammer, but they are no longer available online.

In Print

The majority of my other writings have appeared in print under several other names, one of which is even my real one. Many of these concern legal issues; a few concern military history and literary theory. Other stuff may be noted later; for the time being, I cannot list most credits prior to February 17, 1999.

On This Site

You might start with my diatribe on reviewing published works, followed by some of my reviews of speculative fiction. You'll also find Theory Corner on the Reviews page. Then there's my online journal, Surreality Check.

Works in Progress

Forthcoming publications include YA books on significant Supreme Court cases, a book on legal issues for writers in the age of electronic publishing, and a variety of articles, mostly under my "real" name.

Short-term projects include several articles on legal issues for writers; significant litigation on writing issues; and some short fiction.

Long-term projects include finishing a "hard fantasy" novel with more than a hint of literary orientation; a "hard/soft" science fiction novella; and a dystopian novel that's rather in the same vein as Brazil, but without the laughs.

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