Who the Hell Is John Savage?

John Savage is a figment of your imagination. Really. In the old days, we would have said "nom de plume." Some facts (and, in Harlan Ellison's tradition, they may not all match the dictionary definition of "facts"):

  • I was, until early 1999, an attorney and editor for a specialty nonfiction publisher (annual list 120 titles and growing) not in NYC.

  • In addition to my JD, I have ABs in English and biochemistry, and was (until I dropped the program in disgust at the internal politics) ABD for my PhD in English (20th century English fiction, approved dissertation topic on George Orwell).

  • While a military officer, my listed jobs included command military historian and commanding officer. My unlisted jobs involved coordinating cryptography and counterterrorist activities. I don't want to be Frank Snepp, so don't ask me anything else. Nonetheless, I've been publishing fiction and nonfiction (note: nothing with any conceivable relationship to national security) since early in the Reagan administration.

  • I have kept my youthful appearance by outrunning bullets fired at me on at least three occasions.

  • I watched The Wall come down from about 200 meters away. On the wrong side. While retrieving a "compromised intelligence asset."

  • You've seen me at least a dozen times on TV, but never knew it.

And now, the obligatory pictures.

Painting ©1999 Rich MacNelly, the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist.
		Cross-linked by permission.
©1999 Rich MacNelly
My former law firm from my practice days in Chicago. I am second from the left.

Hogarth, 'Garrick as Richard III' I'm not very nice when I wake up in the morning. A horse, a horse . . .

Tilting Windmills After I've gotten the old nag ready, I'm off to work.

It's awfully tough to beat a good book, and I'm not going to try. Dore, 'Don Quixote in His Library'

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