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I18 (violence to sacred cows, harsh language, and adult sensibilities) The intellectually challenged are strongly cautioned. Powell's Books Partner

Savage Reviews The good, the bad, and the ugly. These will be posted somewhere around the middle and end of each month. Usually, they're about specific works; sometimes they're not. Includes a Powell's Books Bookstore. Note for the squeamish: I don't believe in taking prisoners. I do, however, shoot the wounded.
Last Update: 19 January 2004
Award Recommendations (updated through 2003)

Resources for Speculative Fiction Writers

Last Update: 25 February 2003.

Surreality Check—A Savage Writer's Journal Updated two or three times a week. But we're Not a Webring. Really. N.B. The running commentary on Tasini v. New York Times, a tremendous victory for writers and other content creators, has been consolidated. You can download the opinion in PDF format (130kb).

Aren't You Sorry You Asked? contains the essays and extended commentaries from Surreality Check that formerly were part of Theory Corner in the Savage Reviews.
Last Update: 30 March 2003.

The Basic Bookcase is my recommendation for a minimum speculative fiction writer's bookcase. It is mostly books not otherwise reviewed on this site. I'll update it mid-month every month until I've filled it up. Of course, you're supposed to read the books, too. Quit complaining—a book a day keeps the morons away.
Last Update: 12 September 1999.

Say No to Religious PoliticsThe boycott is, for the moment, over. The Kansas School Board recently voted to require the teaching of evolution in the classroom. But I still object; the Kansas School Board still needs a serious reality check. <SARCASM> Electrons originating in Kansas may now enter this site, after passing a rigorous border check to ensure that they have, indeed, evolved from quarks. Electrons that claim they resulted from "intelligent design" or "divine creation" will be reeducated.</SARCASM>

John Savage's Biography Well, since it's a personal web page, I suppose I should say a little bit about who I am.
Last Update: 12 February 2000.

John Savage's Bibliography Here are links to a few of my published materials. I do police these for staleness, but let me know if any link fails on you.
Last Update: 17 April 2001.

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