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Last Month (March)

12 April 2004
Abcess Makes the Heart Grow… Fonder?

Sorry about the unplanned hiatus there. I've had a few other priorities to work through; and I'm still going to be very distracted for the next month or so; but hopefully things will indeed be more regular from here on. Assuming, that is, that I have any readers left.

In any event, I'm baaaaaack…

13 April 2004
I Don't See Any Method… Sir

The current situation in Iraq is proof that Certain Persons have not learned the obvious lessons offered by the Vietnam conflict. It's not enough to have an objective, or to let the military do its job. Before entering conflict, one must have an exit strategy, even if that strategy is "stay here and occupy indefinitely." The incompetence displayed in Iraq comes from not having such a strategy. Perhaps we'll need to send Captain Willard back up the river to terminate the command. With extreme prejudice.

This rather saddens me, but I cannot say that it surprises me. The main reason that I resigned my commission was my loss of confidence in the senior and not-quite-senior civilian and military leadership in the DoD in the 1990s. I hate to say that I told you so—well, maybe I don't, but I have to at least pretend—but I told you so. The intervention in Iraq was bungled at so many levels that I don't know where to begin.

In turn, this should be food for thought about all of those "perfectly planned" campaigns and battles that appear in military-oriented fiction, particularly science fiction and fantasy.

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