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I–18 (violence to sacred cows, harsh language, and adult sensibilities) The intellectually challenged are strongly cautioned. These theoretical essays and otherwise might otherwise have appeared at Theory Corner (on Savage Reviews). For the present, the listing is in a semichronological order based on when I have gotten around to adding them here, when I wrote and originally posted journal entries on which they were based, the phase of the moon, and the price of tea in the People's Republic of Berkeley.
Last Update: 30 March 2003

  • 11 December 1998: On Horror and why you won't find horror reviews here.
  • 26 December 1998: Media Tie-Ins (I) is a response to Steve Perry's self-serving defense of media tie-in "hacks" (his term) in the December 1998 Locus. This is a reformatted version of my letter as posted in Locus Online; the rest of the story—why "hack" is the right term—will follow later.
  • 19 May 1999: Plan P From Outer Space concerns the brouhaha over Plan B at Locus. This is a correction and clarification of some intemperate remarks I made that improperly extended from the controversy over ballot-stuffing (I stand by my position) to the book itself (which was implicated in the remarks).
  • 10 December 1999: Thicken Plot Soup discusses what "plot" really means, and why the usual "writing guru" (incorrect) explanation is really bad for your teeth.
  • 15 May 2002: Story Structure questions some of the contemporary wisdom—actually foolishness—concerning the structure of stories; should be read along with Thicken Plot Soup.
  • 06 July 2002: Running commentary on Tasini v. New York Times, Inc. which, although it does not directly concern the actual writing of literature, is quite central to how authors' rights are to be interpreted and protected.
  • 30 March 2003: The elements of fiction and the unreality of publishing.
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