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Fill Me
Up! Fill Me
Up! After doing book reviews for several years, and posting reviews on this site for over a year, I had a rush of brains to the head. "Yo! You're assuming they're familiar with a lot of old stuff, idiot. At least tell them what you're assuming!"

So I will. For the next few months, I'll fill one shelf in the bookcase each month with books that a serious writer of speculative fiction should own and read. Many of these books are "famous," but some are not. If you've read the Savage Reviews, you'll have some idea what to expect. (Hint: I read with my brain on. You won't find much escapism here.)

Eventually, I'll get around to adding links to places to obtain these fine books. Some are public domain, so this won't be quite as expensive as it sounds.

Each shelf has its own ground rules. The bookcase is a standard particleboard model available at any discount store for $25 to $50. For the sake of consistency, every shelf is 72cm wide (about 28"). So, without further ado:

  1. The Top Shelf — classic speculative fiction (12 May 1999)
  2. The Second Shelf — "Books Without Frontiers" (12 June 1999)
  3. The Third Shelf — "Awakenings (1900-1972)" (06 July 1999)
  4. The Fourth Shelf — "The Middle Period (1973-94)" (13 August 1999)
  5. The Fifth Shelf — "Serial Killers, Killer Serials" (12 September 1999)

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