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01 January 2004
Season's Hallucinations

I almost never stay up to watch Guy Lumbago (or whoever has taken over) drop the bloody ball at bloody Times Square (an hour ago, but pretending that it's live). I was instead doing year-end nonsense.

Just be glad that all you have to do is taxes. Reconciling client accounts, carrying charges and credits and causes of action over to the next year, checking that one has current contact information for all of one's clients, etc. is a pain in the ass. And best done over a single-malt scotch.

Happy New Year. And enjoy the election follies. I predict that the winning candidate will be Chad somebody-or-other.

12 January 2004
Server Problems

I have had intractable server interface problems over the last week. Hopefully, I've got them fixed (if this entry shows up, I do!). It's an interface issue caused by switching ISPs, not anything that the fine people at Hosting Matters have done/not done.

My New Year's resolution is to eviscerate anyone who decides that yet another piece of proprietary software must be installed in a certain location in order to access the 'net. Said proprietary software wouldn't allow outbound FTP through my firewall, merely because I wanted it in a different directory than it expected. It took three reinstalls and some careful bit-twiddling to figure this out. Tech support was, of course, absolutely useless. I have already sent a really, really nasty letter to the system administrator.

Anybody who knows me also knows I'm not kidding about evisceration. Literally. I never got my hands dirty on active duty. I was an officer. I was therefore smart enough to wear gloves.

18 January 2004

Just when I thought I had the problems fixed, the proprietary software downloaded a mandatory update… and I had to fiddle with bits again to get things working. That only took a couple of hours, though; I've just been busy, what with the four-day weekend for the kids and all.

In any event, this is just an "update." I've been concentrating on some other issues that have sapped my energy of late, but I think things are slowly starting to slow down enough that I can get back to both this journal and to reviewing with some more vigor. This latter means that a few author egos are going to be spattered on the wall. Gads, I also have to do the annual evaluation. Well, I guess that comes first.

My writing output sucked in 2003. There were several legal matters that just vacuumed up time and energy without getting to any result, and my NDA got severely in the way of two pieces I was actually enjoying working on. The rewrite/compression on the novel is finally starting to make narrative sense, but it's still way too long. The novella has also compressed a bit, probably down to high-novelette size; right now, it looks like it will end up right around 15,000 words.

31 January 2004
Double Urggh

The server problems should be done in the next couple of days—there really is a difference in the way that different Apache versions handle some SSI commands (that you can't see because they get processed before the page gets to you), and that's the problem. I've had to do a massive recoding job. Then there's the whole family issue… anybody want a teenager? He's free; just send $19.95 to cover postage and handling ($24.95 outside the continental US).

Plus I've been sick. But you don't really want to read about it. Trust me.

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